Vimana Cycle & Machine Works

Precision GTAW Welding Services – Stainless – Titanium – Chrome Molly – Silver Brazing

Thin Wall Tube Welding – Tube Forming

Vimana Cycle LLC facilitates design and manufacturing services in the metals industry.  Vimana Cycle services include review and evaluation of a clients design concept. If their concept fits within the product development field Vimana Cycle serves then Vimana can help create a system for manufacturing that product in the most efficient cost effective way possible. Vimana Cycle has some of the best metal working services in the US ready to help bring your products to life.

Vimana Cycle excels at matching the most cost effective metal facilitators across the country to each individual aspect of your project. For example, if your project requires precision laser cutting of Stainless Steel 1″ thick then Vimana can provide. Vimana has complete 2D and 3D drawing services to turn your parts into virtual reality able to be fitted, clearance tested, and proven before the first piece is ever built.

If you are a small company or individual who needs services in the metals industry, but simply haven’t the ability to hire the skills, or purchase the machinery then Vimana Cycle can help achieve your goals regardless of your companies size.